Easter Concert 2019


The documentation for Easter Concert 2019 can be found in our Youtube Channel: Vox Angelix. Full playlist of the videos during the concert, including the teasers are as below.

Song list for the concert is as follow:

1st Session

  1. Haec Dies
  2. Christ the Lord is Risen Today
  3. Thine be the Glory
  4. Amazing Grace (girls only)
  5. Prayer of St. Francis (Allan Pote)
  6. Ave Maria (Lorenc)
  7. Shine, Jesus Shine

2nd Session

  1. I Will Sing With the Spirit
  2. Our Father (Bukas Palad)
  3. Joy Was in My Heart
  4. May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You
  5. Panis Angelicus (boys only)
  6. Angelus Domini by Quaver
  7. Bunga Anggrek by Quaver
  8. Ibu Kita Kartini
  9. Indonesia Pusaka

First Session videos:

2nd Session videos:

Some Teasers to make your smile:

This Complete Playlist will play continuously in accordance to the popularity:

Please use the earphone/headphone as we try our best to present the best audio and video quality. More video will be uploaded. Please remember to come back.


CathKids (www.cathkidsdigital.com), an official kids magazine issued by Archdiocese of Jakarta featured Vox Angelix Easter Concert 2019 on page 26 in Edition No. 9 date 25 April 2019.



All photos during the Concert Day and Rehearsal Day have been uploaded to Facebook. If you are part of Vox Angelix family, please access the Vox Angelix Group in Facebook on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/voxangelix




No words can describe how thankful we are for your attendance on Vox Angelix Easter Concert. We would like to thank you for participating in such an important event for Vox Angelix Children’s Choir milestone. The seats are full and the event is successful. We have nothing to say but only to praise and thank God that for his gift that this Easter Day becomes meaningful and memorable for the children, the parents, and the guests.

Vox Angelix

Psalm 69:30 (NIV) –“I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.”